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Klima System Benefits FAQ's

“I get to use the money I would have spent on labour costs to purchase my own machine and have it paid off in less than three years” (Marlborough, NZ) “The cost of labour always goes up, so replacing unskilled people with a quality machine just makes sense” (Australia, WA) “I hate employing staff, I would much prefer to do it myself from the comfort of my tractor”. (France, Bordeaux) “Just finding, training and managing people is hard work and I’d rather not do it. Using the KLIMA pruning system now I don’t have to”. (Germany, Pfalz)

Using the KLIMA pruning system on your vineyard will result in:

  • Less hassles
  • Less time
  • Less cost –labour
  • Higher consistent quality
  • Less casual staff need to be hired, trained and trusted with your valuable vines
  • More Control – prune when you want, how you want
  • More Profit
  • More Life!
  • Direct 30-40% reduction in your labour bill for winter pruning is typical.
  • Cane prune your vineyard for the same price as Spur pruning
  • Indirect costs or problems solved by KLIMA
  • Lack of temporary staff in rural and remote areas
  • Low skill labour causing damage to vines
  • Variable pruning quality
  • Hassle of hiring, training and supervising and housing and feeding casual staff
  • Employment problems, injuries, theft, pay disputes etc.
  • Training different new staff each season
  • Constant supervision
  • Insurance & Safety costs
  • Equipment costs, damages and loss – secateurs, loppers, safety Accommodation, toilets, food, travel
  • General employers Risks
  • Transport

Yes – Our customers commercial use in Europe, New Zealand and Australia confirm the KLIMA system can be successfully used with all grape varieties.

The KLIMA pruning system has been successfully used in commercial vineyards since 2007.

None, as KLIMA can be mounted on most modern vineyard tractors.

No, KLIMA and its clients have studied blind budding intensively and concluded there is no difference between KLIMA pruning and manual hand stripping with regard to blind budding.

You get to replace unreliable unskilled labour with your own quality machine Higher quality pruning Lower reliance on labour to run your business Lower risk of labour shortages Less injuries Less employment issues Future proof your vineyard against the constant rise of the cost of manual labour

Approximately 50% The Klima vine pruner cuts strips and mulches your vines in one pass. You only need enough staff to complete the “Cane Selection” before the KLIMA vine pruner is used and “Trimming and Wrapping of replacement canes” after the KLIMA vine pruner. The rest is taken care of with one person on a tractor

Yes - after 7+ years in operation in Australia and New Zealand users of the KLIMA system have researched this topic intensively and concluded that there is no measurable difference between the yields on traditional manually pruned vineyards vs KLIMA pruned vineyards

Yes of course please make contact with us here

This job is no different - simply paint your pruning wounds like you normally would when traditional pruning.

It will process a medium sized cordon 10-40mm in diameter without too much trouble, however it has not been designed to remove large old trunks that are have wires deeply imbedded. KLIMA Generation 2 vine pruner will allow you to sustainably spur prune. This means replacing your permanent cordons every 2-5 years.

The better quality your wire is, the better the result you will get from the KLIMA pruning system. Unless our wire is damaged or in danger of breaking for some reason there is probably no need to replace it.

The KLIMA pruning system is completely different. It allows the grower to retain canes around the head of the vine to replace old cordons without losing any production. A cordon stripper removes the entire head of the vine requiring a new shoot to be trained up for a full 12 months first then waiting another 12months for the first crop.

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