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The Ultimate in Vineyard Pruning Technology

Once you try KLIMA Generation 2 you will never want to prune the old fashioned way again.

With KLIMA Gen 2 you can:

  • Operate in vineyards with undulating terrain and loose wires
  • Cordon removal - for sustainable spur pruning
  • Operate in vineyards with poor quality wire, mild steel etc
  • Operate with less wire breakages in all condition
  • Suitable for small tractors built for narrow rows
  • Self contained mast - no need for you to purchase a front end loader
  • Small and consistent organic mulch size for speedy breakdown
  • Easy to pick up and drop out wires - you will be an expert in less than a day
  • Enjoy the simple and comfortable joystick controls with adjustments to suit any driver

Gen2 Features

Cutting Head

The unique, patent pending, cutting and feeding system is the reason the KLIMA Generation 2 design is a universal and fully adaptable tool for your vineyard.


Strong, robust and fully self-contained which allows you to easily mount it to any tractor you have in your fleet.

Invertible Cutting Head

Allows you to only carry one head that does the job of two.

Control system

Simple and intuitive joystick control system gives optimum driver comfort and control.

Hydraulic Powerpack

Provides 100% of the cutting power needed for even the most vigorous vineyard.

Robust Industrial Design

No compromise has been made with regards to design, testing or components in its development and construction.

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