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A ground speed of 4-6 km/hour is recommended. The Ground speed will be adjusted up or down depending on the vigour of the vineyard and ground conditions you are pruning

A conservative estimate for 2.8 metre rows with wires on the same side would be 1 Hectare /hour. This time depends on row widths, fruiting wire position, vine vigour, ground slope and conditions and user experience

Yes - the KLIMA Vine pruner can prune wet vines.

Yes - KLIMA the KLIMA vine pruner can be used at night.

If you can drive a tractor over the ground for all other tasks then you can use the KLIMA vine pruner on it.

An annual service of your machine is recommended and this can be undertaken by a KLIMA service agent located in your area.

It will process a medium sized cordon 10-40mm in diameter without too much trouble, however it has not been designed to remove large old trunks that are have wires deeply imbedded. KLIMA Generation 2 vine pruner will allow you to sustainably spur prune. This means replacing your permanent cordons every 2-5 years.

The KLIMA system can make a positive impact to even the smallest vineyard, KLIMA customers with vineyards as small as 20-30Ha are achieving a substantial return on their investment in a machine. Try out our Vineyard savings calculator to get an idea on what you can save in your vineyard using the KLIMA pruning system.

Try our vineyard savings calculator. These calculations are based on customer experiences. Your savings may be differ based on how you use labour in your vineyard.

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KLIMA Generation 2 machine is designed to fit onto any typical modern vineyard tractor with a cab.

Yes, the power required is generally outside the specs of typical modern vineyard tractors.

It’s very simple to use and within one day you will be an expert.

The KLIMA pruning system is completely different. It allows the grower to retain canes around the head of the vine to replace old cordons without losing any production. A cordon stripper removes the entire head of the vine requiring a new shoot to be trained up for a full 12 months first then waiting another 12months for the first crop.

It is suitable for even very small tractors; including the mast KLIMA Generation 2 vine pruner weighs approximately 700Kg.

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