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Doing more with less

Pruning is a vineyard's biggest opportunity for reducing operating costs. Not doing it properly is also a big risk for vineyard productivity, profitability, ease of pruning in the future and grape and ultimately wine quality.

There are no silver bullets. You can't just throw a machine into the vineyard and expect a better result at a fraction of the cost. That's why Klima have developed a systemised approach that gives you more control over pruning, while at the same time increasing productivity and substantially reducing labour costs.

Harvester Mounted

Tractor Mounted

KLIMA System benifits:

  • Reduce labour requirements by up to 50%
  • Improve quality and gain control
  • Create substantial cost savings
  • Use skilled labour productively
  • Reduce pruning time
  • Achieve good results regardless of variety

Four phase Klima process:


Fruiting wire staples are replaced with Klima clips to make the trellis wires detachable, so they can be fed through the Klima machine. This approach is key to the Klima system's ability to combine efficient processing with a quality result.


A small number of skilled pruning staff undertake the initial pass making the all important cane selection and head
positioning choices only.


In a single pass the tractor-mounted Klima cane-pruner cuts, strips and mulches. As the machine passes, it lifts the wires clear of the canes. Cutting blades remove the surplus canes and a mulching system processes the debris and spreads it into the middle of the row.


Fruiting wires are then reattached to the intermediate posts and canes are ready to trim and wrap.

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