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KLIMA is the world leader in vineyard pruning mechanization.

KLIMA products save grape growers millions of dollars in vineyard labour costs year after year.

The KLIMA Company

KLIMA was established in 2008 by two leading New Zealand viticulturists Nigel George and Marcus Wickham.

KLIMA has developed, refined and now sells a highly efficient vineyard pruning system, consisting of a revolutionary machine which mounts to a tractor/crawler coupled with an extensive range of highly efficient trellis products.

In 2011 the KLIMA pruning machine was awarded a Gold Medal for innovation at the Sitevi Exhibition in Montpellier, France and the Gold medal and overall prize for innovation at the Simei Exhibition in Milano, Italy.

Today KLIMA pruning machines and trellis products are used by the worlds leading grape growers on tens of thousands of hectares all over the world. KLIMA products save millions of dollars in vineyard labour costs year after year.

Using KLIMA Machines


As part of our on-going promise to deliver more for less, our travels to vineyards in Australia, Europe and the USA and the different conditions that our machines need to operate in to be truly successful on the world stage, have lead us to the next generation of the KLIMA technology.

KLIMA G2 in action in Waipara

The KLIMA Cane-Pruner has halved our stripping-out costs and given my staff and I time to concentrate purely on making the cuts. Our need for casual, unskilled labour is now minimal and with the cost savings, we can afford to pay a better rate to our workers.

The flow-on effects of the KLIMA Cane-Pruner has given us much more control in the vineyard leading to better canopy management, increased yields and improved quality’. ‘For those who are resistant to removing the fruiting-wire staples and replacing them with nails or clips, I can tell you that we recouped the cost of doing that in the first season’.

Matt Oliver

Vineyard Manager, Huia Vineyards Ltd, Marlborough