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KLIMA Sure Flex Vineyard Springs

Product Information

KLIMA Sureflex vineyard springs have been developed as a joint effort joint between KLIMA, Strainrite Fencing Systems and Lincoln University

Our goal was to develop a product specifically for our customers using the KLIMA pruning system. We wanted a way to allow the driver the safely pick up the fruiting wires much closer to the end assembly than is currently possible. After many attempts and extensive scientific development at Lincoln University we introduce KLIMA Sureflex vineyard springs.

KLIMA Sure Flex vineyard springs are designed to provide you with the following benefits:

  • It provides extra wire extension to allow safe pick up of your fruiting wires only  3m from the end assembly. (8m is the recommended pick up point without KLIMA Sureflex).
  • Reduction in manual pruning costs
  • Extra protection for your wires from breakages at the pick up point.
  • Protection for your end assemblies during the “pick up process”.
  • Allows use of the KLIMA system on short rows.
  • High static wire tension to avoid wires sagging under the load of a heavy crop.
  • Easy and cheap to installation

KLIMA Sure Flex vineyard springs are manufactured and distributed by Strainrite Fencing Systems and are now available for purchase at your local Agricultural retailer. Please see your local Agricultural Retailer or wherever Strainrite products are sold.

Contact us info@klima.co.nz for more details.

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Leading grape growers want to construct and maintain their vineyard trellising to make it suitable for use with KLIMA’s revolutionary pruning machines.

Choosing the right fencing materials for your vineyard will help you future proof your vineyards against the inevitable rise in the cost of manual labour.

Look for this distinctive “Recommended by KLIMA for KLIMA” stamp to help you choose the right fencing products for your vineyard.
Marcus Wickham
KLIMA. Managing Director