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Strainrite Crimps & Crimping tools

Product Information

KLIMA recommends Strainrite Crimps and Crimping tools for joining your wires when using the KLIMA pruning system.


  • Our in-house testing with third party laboratories have shown superior holding power of strainrite crimps when compared with other brands. In all our tests with the Strainrite the wire broke before the crimp slipped.
  • The glue that hold the grit inside the Strainrite crimps is water proof. Typically your bucket of crimps gets wet at some stage and if the glue is not water proof then your crimps are compromised.
  • They cost not more and in many cases less that competing products.
  • Protection for your end assemblies during the “pick up process”.
  • Our customers rave about Strainrite crimps.

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Choosing the right fencing materials for your vineyard will help you future proof your vineyards against the inevitable rise in the cost of manual labour.

Look for this distinctive “Recommended by KLIMA for KLIMA” stamp to help you choose the right fencing products for your vineyard.
Marcus Wickham
KLIMA. Managing Director